Fare-as-Utility and Street-Smart Mobility hustler now possible via:

* Intermodal Fare-Pass
* Intermodal Ride-Sharing
* Intermodal Ride-Hailing

Denormalizing urban public smart mobility fare payment and ride management for train, bus, jeepney, taxi, utility van, tricycle and ferry via one transportation platform using AI, IoT, and Blockchain aware technologies.
Supporting Open Mobility Foundation (OMF), Digital Curb Management (DCM), & Mobility Data Specification (MDS)
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public Fare payment gateway

Fare Matrix Routes API Integration

Access our AI powered PUV Routes API repositories for Jeepneys, Buses, UV Express, Taxis, TNVS, Tricycles, Trains and Ferries in the Philippines, SE Asia, and Beyond.

Ride now pay later (new kind of bnpl)

Never miss your ride destination

No Credit Card? No Cash? Payday is still far ahead? No Problem! Pasahe equitable platform can disburse fare affordable credit from P500($10) to P5,000($100) for your week or monthly fare subscription-based budget via our banks, coops and financial institution partners.

Now you can go anywhere and Pay Fare without cold cash in your hands just download our Pasahe Commuter App and bring your smartphone anytime for your safe, fast and seamless travel urban commuting.


Equitable Fare

Re-imagining transport fare matrix via change equity analysis

Accessible Credit

Empowering unbanked commuters via subscription-based fare credit services

Data-Driven and AI

Harnessing the latest technologies to aggregate route and fare matrix data.

Seamless Payment

Realizing the power of smartphones, QRcodes and Digital Wallet to process and settle fare payment.

Open Route API

We partnered to transport and financial groups to validate the fare transaction based on the commuter trip manifesto.

Blockchain ready

We architected our platform, to provide seamless integration and execution to be WEB3, Blockchain and DeFi ready.

commuters, operators and regulators Community

A caring commuter, operator and regulator community to help you reach your destination.

As part of DyipPay Revolution Corporation (CSR) Customer Social Responsibility we built a new organization for public commuters called Pamasahe Society Inc. acronym for Pampublikong Mananakay Sabik Sa Hayahay at Epektibong Transportasyon in Tagalog – English: Public Commuters yearning Desire for Effective, Equitable and Seamless Urban Smart Mobility Fare Solution.

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